• Walter Reissman is an Investment Banker with Experience

  • Posted on August 21, 2020
  • Walter Reissman

    During his business career, Walter Reissman has filled numerous functions with many companies, as a founder, advisor, banker, trader or just as an investor. That means he has been able to accumulate business resources in areas like accounting, engineering, programming and technical specialties, among others. Walter also has considerable experience in corporate finance, having conducted equity research and conducted tens of thousands of equity trades and options trades and made hundreds of investments in public and private companies. Walter Reissman has a unique and valuable perspective on the issues and the challenges faced in the areas of investment banking, including market fluctuation. He has significant experience providing successful advisory services for clients.

    Walter Reissman is a prolific investor who is best known as a principal with Marketwise Trading. His firm delivers market research, analysis and strategy support services to a great many knowledge-based organizations in the science, technology and education areas as well as many others. These days, Walter is primarily focused on real estate acquisition, but there is a lot more to his more than 30 years in business, where he has been called a "serial entrepreneur."

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